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The Cost of Wasting Tax Dollars on Illegal Aliens instead of Infrastructure

This is the cost of spending all our tax dollars in CA on freebies for illegal aliens, public sector unions and politician’ pet projects like the High Speed Rail boondoggle–instead of investing in and maintaining our infrastructure.  Fire truck falls off collapsing freeway (see video, it’s unreal), sink holes in Los Angeles gobbling up Mercedes SUV’s, the nation’s tallest dam comes to the brink of collapsing under the massive burden of serving as the collection point for almost 2/3’s of the drinking water in the state as it feeds water through the State Water project.

Last time we gave out—or proposed a new benefit for illegal aliens?  24 hours ago with the proposed Gov’t run single-payer health insurance plan to include illegal aliens.  Before that it’s been every few days since the election of Donald Trump.

Proposal to make California a Sanctuary State.

Proposal to give Obama’s unvetted refugees in-state tuition rates at public colleges and universities.

Proposal to cut off Federal Withholding taxes to Federal Gov’t unless they back off immigration enforcement.

California Democrats are so drunk with power that the President Pro Tem of the CA State Senate admitted half his family is here illegally and uses fraudulent documents to work.


Last time we actually built a dam?  38 years.


The year was 1979–the New Melones Dam.


You just can’t make this stuff up.  Maybe it’s time for a new direction in California.  Time to Make California Great Again!


4 thoughts on “The Cost of Wasting Tax Dollars on Illegal Aliens instead of Infrastructure

  1. I-15, not SB 15

  2. Dems, liberals, etc. are locusts. They devour and destroy everything in their path leaving a wake of death and destruction!

  3. This area of the I-15 is brand new and some of it is still under construction. Months back much of the wood supporting structure caught fire and burned up. This is about the 4th or 5th remodeling project the state has done on the I-15 since the early 1990’s and it is still under engineered for consistent traffic flow. Every night and every weekend, it’s stop and go speeds and if there’s a wreck or a tow truck parked with it’s light flashing, good luck moving at all.

    Regarding the rain and drought in CA, they all have it coming. First, the aqueducts here, the state and colorado ducts, are pimped for money in exchange for water long before it gets to Los Angeles. Anyone who has read about them knows, they were all intended for Los Angeles basin, nothing else. Over the years, water has been sold by contract and with those contracts they make, they can’t get away from them when times are lean. That’s my guess since we watch reservoirs drain and the residents who use 20% of the water now days are wondering, what is happening?

    Infrastructure has been the same, as population increases, the politicians don’t want to spend where they should to keep up the place. It’s over populated because of them and in terrible condition for a location with so much cash flow. The thiefs are spending the money how they want which just has to stop or they will have to join us too in the middle of August or down stream when the water systems fail.

  4. Over the past four decades, federal and state governments have poured over $1 trillion into drug war spending and relied on taxpayers to foot the bill. Unfortunately, these tax dollars have gone to waste.

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