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Breaking News: 8 California Establishment Republicans Vote for .63 Gas Tax Increase (Disguised as Cap and Trade Tax)

Eight California GOP establishment legislators—including Sen. Tom Berryhill, and Assemblymen Mayes, Chavez, and Steinorth—voted for a .63 per gallon gas tax, handing Gov. Jerry Brown another victory and a massive slush fund to spend on things like High Speed Rail.

Complete List of Sell-outs:

State Assembly:

  • Rocky Chavez

    Final Vote Tally on Brown’s Cap N Trade Gas Tax (AB 398)
  • Chad Mayes
  • Catharine Baker
  • Devon Mathis
  • Jordan Cunningham
  • Heath Flora
  • Marc Steinorth

State Senate

  • Tom Berryhill



Earlier in the day former Gov. Pete Wilson, and former U.S. Secretary of State George P. Shultz came out and endorsed the gas tax increase disguised as a mere extension of the Cap and Trade scheme—which was originally passed out of the legislature by a simple majority in spite of the constitutional requirement for a tax or fee to be passed by 2/3’s.

According to the Legislative Analyst Office, Brown’s Cap and Trade Scheme—which requires oil and gas companies to comply— will cost Californians between .63 and .73 per gallon at the pump in higher prices (aka .63-.73/gallon hidden gas tax).

See letter from LAO to Assemblyman Fong (R-Bakersfield) left.


Democrat Governor Jerry Brown put some catnip for conservatives in the bill including the repeal of the illegally-passed Fire Tax (but the increase in gasoline by .63-.73 per gallon will easily eclipse the $152 Fire Tax in the first few months of the year, depending on how far your daily commute.)

In exchange for delivering Republican votes, Assembly Minority Loser Mayes was promised that his ACA 1, granting the minority party “more say” in how the Cap and Trade Revenues are spent.  That was passed by 58 votes including almost every Republican.  Evidently none of Mayes staff told him that every single Democrat promise made in the past in exchange for selling out core principles has been broken, held up in court and simply forgotten.

Mayes made a deal with the devil, and expects the devil will honor it.

The irony is that the moribund California GOP has spent millions, hoping to “rebuild it’s brand” by recalling Democrat State Senator Josh Newman over a .12 gas tax increase.   Assemblyman Travis Allen is staking his gubernatorial bid on getting enough signatures to overturn the same .12 gas tax increase.

And now the so-called leader of the Republicans in the Assembly and 7 other GOP representatives sold their souls for a gas tax increase that is 5-fold over and above the one the GOP was willing to go to war over.

And by giving Jerry Brown the vote he needed in the assembly to “lawsuit-proof” Cap and Trade from any further challenges on it’s constitutionality as a legally passed tax, they legitimized the continued confiscation of capital without consequence.

They also provided cover for embattled Democrats, who did not have to proffer their vote for what is quickly becoming one of the most unpopular votes ever as voters discover what’s in the bill.

Wasn’t it Einstein who said the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result?

First the CA GOP turned it’s back on Trump (even though now they’re backpedalling like crazy to cover up the evidence), and now they’re the deciding votes on the biggest tax increase on working Californians in recent history.

No wonder GOP registration is barely 25.9%, the lowest in California history.


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