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Breaking News: Bannon Forced Out, Trump Presidency in Jeopardy

Today, August 18th, 2017 is the day the Trump Presidency as we knew it, ended.

By forcing presidential advisor Steve Bannon out, Trump pushed the last best voice of the people out of his inner circle, which is now solely populated by establishment figures.

In a recent interview in which Bannon was clearly speaking unguarded–which we now know was a post-resignation slap at Trump–Bannon blasted the Charlottesville “ethnic nationalist” as “clowns,” sounding far more presidential than Trump’s weak-kneed approach, which only emboldened his enemies.

Bannon showed that by ridiculing those whom the media is attempting to use to smear you, you win.   Bannon was smeared by the media as the poster child for the ‘alt-right,’ a term the media coined to denigrate Americans who believe in what Michael Savage calls “borders, language and culture.”

Rumor has it that Trump cannot stand dissent in his inner circle, and if Bannon is anything, he’s brusque and unflinching in what he believes.

I believe Trump made an unforced, fatal error in removing his truest advisor, one he will lie to regret.

Trump threw the media a bone, using Bannon’s ousting as a proxy–as if that will get the media to stop calling Trump a racist.

Steve Bannon hired me to write for Breitbart, and for that I’ll be forever grateful.  He is an honorable and decent man, and hardcore American Patriot.

Thank you, sir, for your service to God and Country.

You’ll be missed.




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