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California’s Top Ten Stupidest Laws for 2018

There they go again.

The Marxist-Progressives who control California have made their priorities clear (and they’ve faced no real opposition from Republicans):

  • make life easier for criminals and illegal aliens and criminal illegal aliens, while cracking down on law-abiding gun owners and citizens.  Their goal with the new gun control measures in particular is to make our lives a living hell, under the guise of improving public safety, but the reality is the new laws simply increase the government’s control over those who they fear will eventually rise up and resist them with arms.
  • make it easier to commit voter fraud
  • make it harder to hire employees or run a business or be a taxpaying citizen


Here are the Ten Stupidest Laws that Go into Effect on Monday, January 1st, 2018:

  1. Massive increase in Gas & Car Tax:  First SB-1: increases your gas taxes by .12 Cents and the car tax (Vehicle License Fee) by an average of $150. Then 9 sellout traitor Republicans voted to renew the Cap N Trade program—which should be called Cap n Tax Scheme—which will increase gas approx .73 cents per gallon according to the supposedly ‘non-partisan’ Legislative Analysts Office (LAO).
  2. Multiple laws to turn California into a Sanctuary for Illegal Alien Criminals: A) $30 million of our taxes to subsidize free legal help for illegal aliens (including Criminal Aliens). B)  SB54 to protect dangerous illegal alien criminals from deportation by making it illegal for law enforcement agencies to cooperate with Federal Immigration agencies. C) Bill allowing tenants to sue landlords if they disclose immigration status to any governmental authority.
  3. Proposition 63—which makes it illegal for Californians to purchase ammo from out of state and requires California residents to purchase ammo through licensed ammo dealers after buying a permit and passing an additional background check—goes into effect January 1st, 2018.
  4. Early release for elderly lifers—murderers, rapists, etc.—as long as they are at least 60 years old and have already served 25 years in prison.  Under these rules, Charles Manson would have qualified and the Melendez brothers, who murdered their parents in cold blood could potentially be released in just over a decade.
  5. Heard of “safe spaces?”  You won’t believe this one.  A new law establishes safe “injection zones” run by the government to give people a “safe space” to inject heroin.
  6. California makes it easier to commit voter fraud with  SB450, which passed in 2016, does away with neighborhood polling places and replaces them with elections conducted primarily by mail. Ostensibly, it represents another effort to boost sagging voter participation, but by moving to “mail only” elections, all semblance of any attempt at voter integrity is lost.  No longer will voters be required to identify themselves in any way in order to vote.
  7. One new law makes it a misdemeanor (instead of a felony) to intentionally transmit AIDS to a unknowing partner.  This shows you how completely insane and dominant the leftist gay mafia is in California politics.
  8. Assembly Bill 167 seeks to tamp down on “not in my backyard” backlash by making it harder for cities and counties to vote down proposed developments that fit within their long-range housing plans. This is a direct assault on property rights, where the government’s agenda is the primary driver, not your rights.
  9. Another law allows a driver’s true sex to be omitted from drivers licenses—allowing a third gender to be listed.  The goal of any form of identification should accuracy, not a political agenda.
  10. Just what California needs.  More restrictions on employers:  One new law bans employers from requiring formerly incarcerated job seekers by banning the box on applications that asks about criminal conviction history.  Another forbids prospective employers from deciding how much money to offer you by asking what you made at your last job. Under Assembly Bill 168, the salary history of job applicants can only be disclosed voluntarily. Supporters say the law could help women close the persistent gender pay gap.


Remember it’s always about increasing government control over the people—and these 10 new laws infringe our natural rights, interfere with our pursuit of happiness and prosperity and decrease freedom in what was once the freest state in the union.

Tim Donnelly is a former California State Assemblyman and author who is currently running for Congress in California’s 8th Congressional District. 

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