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How Did ‘DACA’ (aka Democrat Party Voter Registration Drive) Trump the ‘America First’ Agenda?

When President Trump campaigned for the highest office in the land, he made it clear that he would end Obama’s unconstitutional amnesties known as DACA and DAPA.

Trump identified unchecked illegal immigration as a threat to the rule of law, the economic and physical well-being of Americans and a drain on the limited financial resources and opportunities—such as spots in college—which should be used for citizens, not illegal aliens.

According to a Breitbart story, Trump was clear about ending Obama’s DACA amnesty:

“We will immediately terminate President Obama’s two illegal executive amnesties in which he defied federal law and the Constitution to give amnesty to approximately five million illegal immigrants,” Trump said in Arizona in his famous immigration reform speech.

What’s frustrating many Trump supporters and Americans in general is why the Democrat’s agenda—amnesty for the chosen 800,000 illegal aliens between ages 20 and 30—takes precedence over things that would benefit American citizens.

What happened to these ‘America First’ priorities?

•Reforming the VA

•Ending ObamaCare completely

•Building the Wall, ending sanctuary cities and enforcing our existing immigration laws

•Defunding Planned Parenthood

•Eliminating Common Core and bringing competition to public schools via vouchers or ‘school choice’

With the exception of Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), there seems to be no real resistance to what is nothing more than another amnesty cleverly disguised as an act of compassion toward children (who are now adults).

The simple truth is that DACA was bad policy when Obama forced it on us though executive order, and it’s still bad policy.

Listen to what illegal immigration expert and author of the Arizona law, Kris Kobach, told Fox News—Kobach is currently Secretary of State in Kansas, and running to become their next Governor):

DACA is bad policy. It’s going to hurt … those 800,000 illegal aliens are in their 20’s and 30’s, they’re not kids. And they’re competing for jobs with Americans who in that age group are facing 9 percent unemployment, 19 percent under-employment. So we’re going to be taking Americans out of jobs and giving those jobs to DACA recipients effectively.

And it’s going to cause a surge in illegal immigration. So what would President Trump be willing to take that hit—that bad policy that’s also going to anger his base—you know what would he be willing to get … what would he be willing to demand? And I think he has to demand more than just the RAISE Act, which is the end to chain migration, and more than just the border wall. He’d have to demand E-Verify, mandatory nationwide as well to make sure that this new surge of illegal aliens—which will come in, there’s no question, if we grant an amnesty, they will come in—make sure that they don’t take additional jobs from Americans.

Republicans should be wary of making deals with Democrats that involve amnesty.  History is littered with bad deals where illegal aliens got amnesty up front, Democrats got millions of new voters, and Republicans got fooled—and their party grew ever smaller in states like California.

President Trump was given a mandate to build a wall, end sanctuary cities and enforce immigration law, and if elected to the Congress, that is what I will fight to accomplish.  On top of that, we need to reform the legal immigration system to end chain migration and the diversity lottery, and put the interests of America and her people, first—period.


Tim Donnelly

Former California State Assemblyman, Author and Candidate for California’s 8th Congressional District

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