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California Democrats Threaten to Stop Paying Federal Taxes

California Democrats are going on the offensive, firing the first shot in their pitched battle with President Donald J. Trump, and threatening to “cut off the Feds” by withholding taxes.

According to CBS San Francisco, former State Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, Jr. said: “California could very well become an organized non-payer. … They could recommend non-compliance with the federal tax code.” Democrats are considering the tax revolt as part of what CBS San Francisco called an “all-out war” against the Trump administration, which could also include holding back state transfers of funds to the federal government.

The list of potential state transfers to Washington is limited, however, according to one expert on the inner workings of California’s government contacted by Breitbart News, who did not wish to be named. He cited the handful of areas where the State of California remits large dollar amounts, including biweekly federal tax withholding from millions of state workers, and worker’s compensation fund payments.

California is often described as a “donor state,” meaning that California remits more money than it takes in federal funds to keep hundreds of entitlement programs afloat. While that may be true, it does not paint an accurate picture of California’s finances.

As Governor Jerry Brown admitted in his “State of the State” speech last week, the Golden State is dependent on “tens of billions of dollars” to keep Covered California (California’s version of ObamaCare) afloat, such that losing it would blow a hole in California’s budget, creating a massive shortfall.

If state officials move to stop federal withholdings, that would put California state workers in a very precarious position, and could have profound consequences for the state as a non-compliant employer — not to mention massive financial penalties that could be assessed.

California Democrats are accustomed to steamrolling over the weak opposition, to say nothing of crushing individual business large and small, often taking on entire industries like the twin behemoths — oil and agriculture — and forcing them to comply or die.

(Remember the Amazon sales tax fight in California?  The world’s most valuable company folded like an empty suit in a hurricane.)

But California Democrats have never dealt with anyone like our new president.  President Donald J. Trump is not likely to tolerate lawlessness and defiance from a petulant blue minority in a nation turned red. Threats to cut off what would not even amount to 10% of the money flowing from California to Washington, D.C. could trigger President Trump turning off the spigot altogether — essentially drying up the almost 80% of California funds that are returned to the state in federal funding.

Democrats, drunk on local power, seem to have forgotten the lessons of 1992, when Republican Governor Pete Wilson came out and announced, “This morning, California is running on empty,” and the state began issuing I.O.U.’s in lieu of payment for the first time since the Great Depression.

Failing to remit worker’s compensation funds put California in arrears for decades.

Do Democrats really want to risk California’s solvency by throwing sand in the eye of the Leviathan?

If the Trump administration holds the “Trump card” simply by shutting off the subsidies for one program — and Gov. Brown admits they do when it comes to ObamaCare funding — it is clear which side holds the leverage.

California is particularly vulnerable because of the dependence of many illegal aliens on public assistance, and on the federal earned income tax credit.

With the stroke of a pen, President Trump could shut down the state by cutting off or delaying funds.

Moreover, federal funds fuel almost every major institution in California, including:

  • Military Bases
  • K-12 Schools
  • Public Colleges and Universities (Federal funds, student loans)
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • Federal contracts with technology and defense companies

Since the California Constitution forbids deficit funding, the state cannot live off credit cards alone.

With over $400 billion in debt, and with a state pension system dangerously underfunded, a sustained battle with the federal government would break the already broke state.

Tim Donnelly is a former California State Assemblyman.

Author, Patriot Not Politician: Win or Go Homeless


Twitter:  @PatriotNotPol

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California’s Recipe for Voter Fraud on a Massive Scale

The media have exhibited a pathological determination to ignore any possibility of voter fraud, in spite of mountains of evidence to the contrary.

In this week’s headlines, the narrative is repeated over and over again: President Donald Trump is making it all up.

USA Today: “Fact check: Trump claims massive voter fraud; here’s the truth

Washington Post: “Trump’s imaginary ‘voter fraud’ claims will make it harder for minorities to vote

New York Times:  “Trump’s Voter Fraud Example? A Troubled Tale With Bernhard Langer

Los Angeles Times: “President Trump’s voter fraud allegation is ‘a lie,’ says California’s top elections officer

According to the latter article, California Secretary of State Alex Padilla called President Trump a liar.

Breitbart News’ calls to the Secretary of State’s office for a comment were not returned, but that is not surprising. California has intentionally created a recipe for voter fraud on a massive scale.

Here’s the recipe, from an article I wrote in November for

Treat anyone who proposes a Voter ID bill like [Saul] Alinsky would — shame them, shun them, ridicule, then repeat.

Make access so easy that you can register to vote online up to 15 days prior to Election Day and still vote. (They pushed for same day voter registration so that people who “forgot” to register could still register & “participate” as late as Election Day).

Make a major push to move as many voters as possible to mail-in ballots (permanent absentee ballots).

Spend millions of taxpayer dollars handing out Drivers Licenses to millions of people illegally present in the state (with an asterisk stating, “Federal Limits Apply”).

Pass a law requiring everyone who has a California Drivers License to be “automatically” registered to vote—including illegal aliens.

“If the voter does not check either the “Yes” or “No” box (for whether or not they are US Citizen), and the registration is otherwise complete, the registration should be processed normally and entered on the voter rolls.” (See screenshot of official publication below on California Secretary of State Website regarding CA compliance with National Voting Rights Act (NVRA):

Never update statewide voter database with any information that ever disqualif[ies] a voter — especially county coroner lists of the newly deceased.

Voter fraud recipe (Screen shot)

Voter fraud recipe (Screen shot)

When you look at what California has done to protect the ruling class of Democrat politicians and powerful public sector unions who represent the legions of bureaucrats, it’s diabolically simple and diabolically clever.

And easy to understand why.

Hundreds of millions in contracts and pay increases for tens of thousands of public sector unions and permanent political careers for politicians are at stake, and as long as the unions keep their cronies in power, the gravy train continues.

All you have to do is follow the money.

They created a system where it was virtually impossible to ever catch anyone cheating, removed all verification processes, automatically register[ed] all drivers license holders — whether they like it or not, and then launch[ed] that program immediately after granting every one of the untold millions of illegal aliens in California a driver[‘s] license.

When the Election Integrity Project brought forth a report on documented voter fraud, the LA Times and other publications slamming Mr. Trump — you guessed it — (yawn) ignored the facts.

California is not an isolated case.

A Breitbart News story from October documents serious, widespread voter fraud involving non-citizen voting in Virginia.  Many of the safeguards previously in place have been removed — in large part due to pressure brought by George Soros-backed organizations ostensibly fighting for voter integrity.  The only problem is that these Soros-funded groups oppose Voter ID laws and every effective measure to safeguard the integrity of the vote.

Breitbart News story disclosed that in Virginia, “state officials had used the federal Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements database [SAVE] … to detect and remove aliens from the voting rolls.” And it added: “One of the top priorities of the Soros Advancement Project is to stop the use of SAVE to purge voter lists.”

Last year, in New York City, Alan Schulkin, Commissioner of the Board of Elections, was caught on hidden video by Provject Veritas talking about how Democrats commit voter fraud in New York City.

“Yeah, they should ask for your ID. I think there is a lot of voter fraud,” said Schulkin, who elaborated on the types of voter fraud that are taking place in New York.

Voter fraud has been labeled as a right-wing myth by the left, but Schulkin, a Democrat, confirmed everyone’s worst fears, going against the grain of his own party.

“You know, I don’t think it’s too much to ask somebody to show some kind of an ID … Like I say, people don’t realize, certain neighborhoods in particular they bus people around to vote,” said Schulkin.

According to a Fox News op-ed by John Fund and Hans A. von Spakovsky, President Trump’s investigation of voter fraud is long overdue. The piece documents a complete unwillingness of President Barack Obama’s Department of Justice to take any action. “This refusal to enforce the law came despite a 2012 study from the Pew Center on the States estimating that one out of every eight voter registrations is inaccurate, out-of-date or a duplicate.”

One thing we do know, if President Trump acts, the media will cover it.

And who knows, maybe the guy who defied every prediction, and became the most powerful political leader in the world, will succeed in forcing the media to cover the failings of the very foundation of our Republic — our elections — and build public pressure to fix them.

Tim Donnelly is a former California State Assemblyman.

Author, Patriot Not Politician: Win or Go Homeless


Twitter:  @PatriotNotPol

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Donnelly: Dear Mr. President-Elect, Please ‘Pick a Fight’ with California on Behalf of the American People

Even though most Americans view California as a lost cause—the “land of fruits and nuts”—and now, the epicenter of resistance to President-Elect Trump, it would be a mistake to ignore it.
The whiny, crybaby brigade of Democrats in leadership, who wield unchecked power over the most populous, and in many ways, the most significant state, are losing their minds.

California Democrats doubled down this week—hiring former US Attorney General Eric Holder to go on offense against the policies of the incoming White House.

President-Elect Trump should engage California’s petulant leaders in much the same way—“pick a fight.”

Ignoring California in hopes that it will go away would be a disastrous mistake. California is far too important to the national security of the United States to simply ignore it.

In spite of the government-created water crisis that has devastated the world’s “food basket,” (the San Joaquin Valley), California still supplies a majority of US agricultural products for export. Grapes, citrus, almonds—yes, fruits and nuts–(no surprise here)—in addition to beef, poultry, dairy, tomatoes, all manner of vegetables, alfalfa, wine, cotton…to name a few.

Water wars between federal and state regulators, environmentalists, the Democrat governor, the Democrat-controlled state legislature, and farmers have gone on for decades with devastating results. Much of the world’s most fertile farmland lies fallow, as groundwater, its lifeblood, is slowly siphoned off to keep farmers alive.

President-Elect Trump has already wisely tapped a few leaders from the crucial Central Valley region, which is not only known for its agriculture but is also home to vast quantities of domestic oil sitting atop the massive Monterey Shale. Both food and energy security are critical to the security of a nation.

So far the new president’s appointment to EPA, Scott Pruitt, bodes well for California. A “climate-change skeptic,” Pruitt will loathe to ruining the economy in the name of “fake science,” and could be the best friend California farmers have had in decades. Any relief from California’s crushing “climate change” regulations— affecting everything from regulating dust kicked up by tractors, to requiring dairy farmers to capture cow flatulence—could be a windfall for this persecuted industry.

And if the EPA took a balanced approach to the Endangered Species Act, weighing food production against the life of one tiny, insignificant, bait fish—the Delta Smelt—which has become the proxy for the environmentalist activists who populate the bureaucracies at both the federal and state level, water would once again flow to the San Joaquin Valley.

An old saying—“Whiskey’s for drinking, water’s for fighting.”—has been true for far too long.

But water’s not the only thing hanging in the balance.

Land use is a massive issue all over the West.

The Federal Government claims ownership of almost 50% of California’s land—a source of constant harassment for ranchers, loggers and anyone trying to operate a business in or around the land controlled by BLM, US Forest Services, and other federal agencies. Picking a Representative from a western state like Ryan Zinke of Montana, as the nominee for Secretary of the Interior was another brilliant move.

But the biggest issue that Mr. Trump raised in his campaign by far—and the one that is front and center in the showdown with the California Democrat monopoly—is immigration.

What a President Trump does on immigration affects California’s 38 million people more than any other state.

California officials have declared California to be a “sanctuary” from any enforcement of federal immigration laws, and are defying the new president by refusing to cooperate with immigration officials in any way—preferring to dump criminal aliens on the streets so they can terrorize citizens rather than hand them over for deportation.

Since immigration is one of the specifically enumerated duties of the Federal Government, this is the fight you need to pick, Mr. President.

A few action items to consider:

Click here to read the rest of the article at Breitbart News.


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California Stupidity Installment #32: Paying for Sex-Change for Convicted Murderer

How do you describe the abject insanity that comprises what is just another day in California?

In addition to funding free college tuition and free healthcare for illegal aliens, now California has funded it’s first sex-change operation for a convicted killer in prison serving a life sentence.

According to a Sacramento News station,

“California prison officials agreed in August 2015 to pay for the surgery for Shiloh Heavenly Quine, who was convicted of first-degree murder, kidnapping and robbery for ransom and has no possibility of parole.”

If this makes no sense whatsoever to you, you’re not alone. California is dumping dangerous and violent felons back onto the streets due to a lack of space thanks to Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown’s so-called reforms—AB109, Prop 47 and Prop 57, which are nothing more than early release programs.

Farida Baig, whose father was kidnapped, held for ransom and murdered by the transgender murderer, Shiloh Heavenly Quine, puts it in perspective.

“My dad begged for his life,” said Farida Baig, who tried unsuccessfully to block Quine’s surgery through the courts. “It just made me dizzy and sick. I’m helping pay for his surgery; I live in California. It’s kind of like a slap in the face.”

This is a slap in the face of every California taxpayer. And it’s despicable for California prison officials to waste public dollars on making a cold-blooded murderer more comfortable simply because the prisoner pulls the transgender card. After the operation is completed, they’re going to transfer this 57-year old murderer to a women’s prison.

I’m sorry, but since Shiloh Heavenly Quine murdered a 33-year old father of three as a biological male, doesn’t it make sense for that same person—a male—to suffer the consequences?

Quine told a prison psychologist who recommended her for the operation that it would bring a “drastic, internal completeness.”

And prison officials have trotted out the 8th Amendment claiming the sex reassignment surgery is justified by a diagnosis of “gender dysporia”.

Seems like a clever excuse to avoid the punishment of living in a violent, dangerous world of his own making. Using transgenderism as the rationale for a state-sponsored sex change in order to move to a less violent environment is simply the excuse du jour.

Only in California.


Tim Donnelly
Former California State Assemblyman
Author, Patriot Not Politician: Win or Go Homeless
Twitter: @PatriotNotPol

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Top 10 Stupidest New Laws in California for 2017

I’m not in the habit of complaining at the outset of a column, but I’ve taken on a nearly impossible task — figuring out which, of the hundreds of new California laws about to go into effect, are the stupidest.

Don’t laugh.  I’m serious.

It’s really, really hard to keep the list at 10 with hundreds of hare-brained schemes that became real laws.

After all, for far too long, the California legislature has been a “conservative-free zone” — even though there were a handful of “Republicans” occupying seats and taking up space.

I’m going to list the new laws in order of their egregiousness to me, but I’m open to additions or wholesale re-ordering if you care to comment.

Given that Californians are facing 898 new laws going into effect on January 1st, 2017, there’s plenty to hate.

  1. Prop. 63: “2nd Amendment Nullification” Act.  Although various portions go into effect in various years — yes, they staggered implementation of this “critically needed reform,” some out to 2019 — this is the most sweeping assault on our long-cherished, God-given natural right as Americans to protect our lives and our freedom.  It requires you to pass a background check and pay for a permit to buy ammunition for the gun you may have just passed a background check to buy.  Yeah, that’ll stop criminals — who buy their guns and ammo in parking lots from other criminals. WooHoo! Next, it makes high-capacity magazine (any magazine that holds more than 10 rounds) illegal to possess — even if you bought it prior to the current ban and ownership was previously considered grandfathered.  This law should make it clear that the goal of the left is not “safety” — it’s control.
  2. SB880: “Bullet Button Ban.”  For years, California Democrats have sought to ban a made-up classification of semi-auto rifles with “evil features” that they re-named “assault weapons” for propaganda purposes. Every year, California Democrats attempt to increase control over this “hated group” of guns — until they finally outright ban all semi-automatics.  This law will not do a single thing to further public safety, as the San Bernardino terrorist attack illustrated — determined mass murderers will simply ignore and work around all gun control laws — as if they are just words on paper. One last bit of irony: in a previous legislative session, this same bill was sponsored by none other than disgraced State Senator Leland Yee. If that name sounds familiar, you’re right.  Leland Yee wanted to “protect” Californians from “assault weapons” on our streets — that is, until he was arrested for trafficking fully automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades in exchange for campaign contributions.  He’s currently serving a five-year prison sentence.
  3. SB3: Minimum Wage Hike to $15/hour by 2020.  As a result of a strong socialist push by unions and complicit governments — such as the union-controlled California legislature—businesses are looking to eliminate as many jobs as possible, investing in automation instead. When you combine this with unchecked illegal immigration — where you have an unlimited labor pool willing to work for subpar wages under the table — the future for entry-level jobs and small business owners in California is bleak.
  4. AB1785 The “Hands Free” Law.  This is another example of government gone wild.  AB1785 prescribes driver behavior so severely that in and of itself, I believe it will cause more accidents — and more deaths.  Not only must the phone be dash mounted — meaning you’ll have a permanent distraction right in front of you — but you may not text, take photos or video, or enter GPS destinations while driving. Fat chance of stopping those activities with a mere $20 fine. The bill does stipulate that “the only time a driver is allowed to touch the device is when he or she is activating or deactivating a “feature or function.” However, that process should only involve a “single swipe or tap of the driver’s finger,” according to the bill,” reports.   How about “hands off” my phone instead of an unenforceable “hands free” law?
  5. AB 1732: Single-User Restrooms.  If you’ve ever had to go so badly that you used the opposite sex restroom at a gas station or Starbucks, then perhaps you think this law is needed. But do we really need another law regulating bathrooms? Some businesses have already put signs on their single-use restrooms designating use by either sex.  And sometimes people just take it upon themselves. I can’t help but think this law is unnecessary and diminishes us as a society a little.

    Want to save 20% off a Front Sight membership?
  6. SB 1383: Controlling Cow Flatulence.  Not making this up.  In spite of the fact that 53 California dairy farmers went bankrupt, moved out of state, or just closed down this year, the Marxist-Progressives are back at it again. Capture cow farts or suffer heavy fines.  CARB (CA Air Resources Board) suggests inserting a tube into the cow’s digestive system and venting into a backpack.  Even liberals admit that laws like this, where government tries to control the uncontrollable, can have undesirable economic consequences.  Lost jobs, lost industries, lost revenue. Stupid law.
  7. AB 857 Ghost Gun Ban.  Even if you mfg. your own gun—starting with an 80% receiver—that requires you to have special skills and tools to complete the machining, you must now register it and get a serial number from the CA DOJ.  The purpose of this law is simply to get your name and your firearm on a list for eventual confiscation.  Once again, control—not public safety—is the goal.
  8. SB1322 Legalizing Child Prostitution This law bars law enforcement from arresting sex workers who are under the age of 18 for soliciting or engaging in prostitution, or loitering with intent to do so.  So teenage girls (and boys) in California will soon be free to have sex in exchange for money without fear of arrest or prosecution.  Now that is nuts. I understand the idea of trying to not punish the victim, but certainly granting judges discretion is better than legalizing and therefor “green-lighting” behavior that is so harmful to the individual child.
  9. Prop 57  Early Release for so-called Non-Violent Criminals.  This was Governor Jerry Brown’s baby—the crown jewel of his prison reform initiatives.  Among those offenses he considers “non-violent”:   *Rape of an unconscious person *Human trafficking involving sex acts with minors *Assault with a deadly weapon. Blogger Felicia Wilson summed it up well.  “…Call me crazy, but shouldn’t a crime that includes the word rape or assault be considered, I don’t know… violent?”
  10. AB2466 Low-Level felons serving sentences outside of state prison get to keep their right to vote.  Hmm.  Wonder which party this could possibly help?  Just like the “illegal alien vote”, Democrats will have the felon vote locked down.  Simply about protecting their power and making it permanent.

When California Democrats promised to take to the streets to defend the rights of convicted felons, illegal aliens and welfare recipients, they weren’t kidding.  If only there were as serious about cracking down on immigration cheats and violent criminals as they are about penalizing law-abiding citizens and gun owners, California would have more jobs, less crime–and might be a place people want to come instead of flee.

Tim Donnelly, is a former California State Assemblyman, a speaker, author and columnist for Breitbart.  His first book–Patriot Not Politician: Win or Go Homeless is available on Amazon.

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Report: Russia, Putin Back Left-Wing California Secession Movement


by ASSEMBLYMAN TIM DONNELLY                         8 Dec 2016Twin Peaks, CA

Left-wing Californians who want California to secede from the United States in the wake of the 2016 elections might be surprised to know their movement is supported by Russia and the administration of President Vladimir Putin.

According to a report by Bloomberg, #CalExit founder Louis Marinelli — a disgruntled Trump voter and former same-sex marriage opponent who switched sides — is now looking to team up with Putin and leftist anti-American radicals in Russia.

An expatriate living in Russia, Marinelli is running “Yes California,” the organization that leads the effort to put secession on the California ballot. He is married to a Russian woman who is struggling to immigrate to the U.S., and so he currently lives in Yekaterinburg, Russia’s fourth-largest city, on the Siberian side of the Ural Mountains — about as far as you can get from L.A.

He is hard at work preparing for a “California Embassy” in Moscow, Bloomberg reports, “with the help of a vehemently anti-American group supported by the Kremlin” called the Anti-Globalist Movement of Russia.

After Hillary Clinton’s repeated attempts to link rival Donald Trump to Putin and Russia (despite her own pro-Russia policy as Secretary of State), it may shock many of the leftist supporters of California’s secession to learn about their foreign patron.

Russia had a small colonial presence in California in the early 19th century — a fact that led Russian officials to joke about invading California during the international crisis over the Crimea in 2014.

Marinelli says his motivations are not advancing Russia’s interests, but those of left-wing Americans.

“California is a much more open, tolerant society, inclusive of immigrants or people of different sexual orientation,” Marinelli told Bloomberg.

So how did he get mixed up with the Anti-Globalist Movement of Russia?

Not surprisingly, with the diverse array of issues driving California’s growing secessionist movement, immigration played a key role for Marinelli.

The visa issues his wife faced, caused by a slow-moving bureaucracy that he calls a “quagmire,” finally turned him against America, he told Bloomberg.

He was so offended by the “anti-immigrant rhetoric” in America that he came to adopt the views of his adopted home state of California. That was before he moved to Russia.

Russia is well known for courting far-right, anti-establishment parties in Europe. However, Bloomberg notes, it also supports far-left movements in a variety of countries.

That now appears true of #CalExit as well — a movement that has become important enough for the President Pro Tem of the California State Senate, Kevin de Léon (D-Los Angeles), to acknowledge in his opening speech earlier this week.

“Many Californians – some tongue-in-cheek, some hand-to-heart – have advocated withdrawal. But, in America, no state ever succeeds by seceding,” he said.

The left,  and Russia, have a different view.

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California HOA Orders Marine Wife to Remove Her Flag


The wife of a Camp Pendleton Marine received a letter from her homeowners association telling her to remove her American flag.

Heather Valenti told San Diego’s local ABC affiliate, 10 News, how it made her feel.

“They are hurting people like me and my husband,” said Heather Valenti.

She said the letter from her HOA that demanded she take the flag down “sounded pretty threatening.”

According to the letter, Valenti’s flag violated the rules for common areas.

Valenti said the small flag had a big meaning to her and her family. It is a flag that honors her husband, who is deployed, and her Marine grandfather, who recently died.

“I just watched a flag being folded at my grandfather’s funeral and handed to my grandmother by the Marines. It hits home,” Valenti told 10News.

Valenti said she believes the country is in crisis. Scenes of flags being burned hurt her.

“Unfortunately, we live in a country where people are burning flags, disrespecting flags,” she said.

Valenti was not about to let this battle over her flag go, even though her husband did not want to make a fuss.

“He’s over there serving our country and his response was just, ‘Whatever, just take it down. We’ll get an American flag doormat instead.’ I said no,” said Valenti.

The good news is that when a local group — San Diegans for Secure Borders — heard about Heather’s situation, they took action to defend her right to display her flag.

The group’s leader, Jeff Schwilk, cited the Freedom to Display the American Flag Act of 2005, which he says guarantees that “HOAs cannot keep home owners from (reasonably) displaying American flags outside their homes and condos.

“We also promised the HOA a huge flag rally/protest outside their condo complex — with big media coverage—if they hassle her or anyone else that lives there ever again about their American flags”.

Heather said she’d felt targeted by the HOA, since several of her neighbors had flags similarly displayed.

Moving the flag less than a foot seemed to satisfy whatever mysterious criteria were used to justify the HOA’s objection to her flag in the first place.


Tim Donnelly is a former California State Assemblyman. He can be contacted on Twitter: @PatriotNotPol