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This book tells the story of Tim Donnelly, a small-town kid, born in the South, raised in the Midwest, who took on California’s corrupt political establishment, and won the hearts of the people. Like David facing Goliath, you won’t believe how Tim winds up in the middle of almost every major political battle–always fighting for the little guy. This book takes you on a tumultuous journey, from the Valley of the Shadow of Death and brink of despair, to the mountaintop where faith, family, and friendship weather unpredictable success and epic battles, only to be engulfed again in a massive, protracted fight for California’s top seat–which reveals the real character of many of the GOP elitists. Donnelly’s new book exposes some startling facts about some of the biggest names in the political establishment, and reveals how his gubernatorial bid served as a preview for the treatment Donald Trump would receive by many of the very same people. Patriot Not Politician:  Win or Go Homeless will warm your heart, inspire you, and restore your hope that one man, one voice can make a difference–even in politics.

“Tim Donnelly is one of the happiest warriors for conservatism you will ever come across….The story of his fight against CPS for “Sammy’s Law” alone is worth the price of this entertaining chronicle…”

Nick Searcy, Internationally Acclaimed Star of Film and Television

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Patriot Not Politician Book

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More rave reviews:

“When I think of Tim Donnelly, the words Tenacious and Determined jump into my mind…Be inspired by this incredible story of a man who never gave up and never gave in!”

Sam Sorbo, Actress, Author, Talk Show Host

“…In addition to an eye-opening account of his political career, Donnelly also chronicles his almost “Grapes of Wrath” childhood…Tim vividly tells of his struggles, his victories, his defeats, and ways that will make you understand why hundreds of thousands of Californians love and respect him.

Ann-Marie Murrell, CEO/Publisher, Co-author, What Women (Really) Want

“In an upside down world where “right is wrong” and “wrong is rewarded”, we need the bold and uplifting words of Tim Donnelly now more than ever.  His story is one of courage, confidence and the American spirit!  Never, ever, let them get you down, keep fighting for what you believe in!  You will find that message in this wonderfully inspiring book!”

Morgan Brittany, Actress, Columnist, Co-author, What Women (Really) Want

“…In Patriot Not Politician: Win or Go Homeless, he tells the whole remarkable story, and shows how America is still full of patriots who are willing to make sacrifices to defend our freedom and our children’s future. Bravo!”

Pamela Geller, President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, publisher of The Geller Report (, and author of The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America (Simon & Schuster)

A sincere and dedicated patriot, Tim Donnelly turns his unflinching eye to the realities of modern-day America.  Political Correctness be dammed.  America be saved.

Evan Sayet , Author of the bestselling book, The KinderGarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks.

“He is a patriot to the truest definition of the word…This book is about struggle, faith and determination.  I am proud to know Tim Donnelly.

Debbie TurnerActress, International Floral DesignerSmall Business Owner

“…After reading, Patriot Not Politician—Win or Go Homeless, I was so intrigued and touched by the realness of this man, along with his genuine quest for truth and solutions, I decided that I had no choice. When Assemblyman Donnelly mixes God with politics, it evolves into a story of perseverance and true patriotism.  This book needs to be read by every single person that calls America his/her home. Tim’s passion for serving the American people is unsurpassed and his story of trials, tribulations, near death experiences and redemption, is nothing short of miraculous. It was truly inspiring—and my list of those by whom I have been inspired can be counted on one hand. Mr. Donnelly is a breed of human being that is rare, yet necessary as he is whole heartedly dedicated to his family, his constituents and his country.  If Americans want to not just survive but flourish, they will listen to him and embrace his unique perspective, which is summed up with this most pertinent quote from his book, “ We don’t just need a political revolution, we need a spiritual revival”. I know, without a doubt, that the bigwigs in Washington D.C. will not only know his name one day, but will be calling on him for the solutions our country so desperately needs. It WILL happen and it will all be in God’s perfect timing.”

Dr. Bridget A. Melson, MFT, PsyD., Principal Life Coach, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Author of “This is Life” and The Parent Survival Guide”, Grassroots Activist, Rick Santorum’s Patriot Voices

Patriot, Not Politician-Win or Go Homeless is the inspirational read of Christmas 2016, studded with invaluable life lessons of faith and resilience garnered on Tim Donnelly’s remarkable journey.”

NICK ADAMS, bestselling author, and FLAG Founder

“Tim Donnelly! Patriot, not Politician! Love it! I very much appreciate Tim for his balance of boldness and humility. He’s not trying to win a popularity contest by selling out to what’s popular. He’s been trying to help maintain the foundations that made America the most popular republic that more people want to come to and the fewest people seem to want to leave despite how much they despise it…He keeps company with creative, God fearing patriots, and doesn’t assume to lead, but represent. He stays tuned to us and listens so as to make sure he squares with we the people who want to preserve our constitutional republic.”

AlfonZo Rachel, Christian conservative Video Blogger – Musician with 20 lb Sledge

“Tim Donnelly has a problem- HE’S TOO HONEST!  You see in our modern “politically correct” legislative culture people don’t really want to hear the truth; they really only want to hear what makes them feel good.  I served side by side, shoulder to shoulder with Tim in the California Legislature for four years….Tim takes the reader on an incredible journey into the inner workings of politics.  Some of these might stories be hard to believe, but buckle your seat belts because THEY’RE TRUE.”

Brian Jones, Former California Assemblyman (R-Santee, CA)

“…Donnelly’s Patriot Not Politician: Win or Go Homeless is a must-read story of Donnelly’s fight against the Sacramento political cartel, corrupt media, and political consultancy class. For anyone serious about saving Constitutional rights in America, as well as in the Golden State, read Donnelly’s book and experience the importance of citizen representation in a time of unbridled political power.

Katy Grimes, Political Journalist, Sacramento, California

My time in the Legislature  with Tim Donnelly, gained me a friend for life that loves this, state, this country and its people.   He is true to Conservative principles and not afraid to stand for what’s right for the citizens of this State.

Shannon Grove, Former California Assemblywoman (R-Bakersfield)