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CA Illegal Alien Driver Licenses Have no ‘Federal Limits:’ Illegals can Vote and Board Airplanes

Remember how President Trump was treated for pointing out mass voter fraud in California?

There’s a reason for that.  Anyone who stumbles onto the truth is subjected to shrill criticism by the media and political establishments.

Fox News story this morning confirms what President Trump and millions of Californians already knew—that California Democrats have cooked up a recipe for massive voter fraud in California.

By granting Drivers Licenses to illegal aliens and then passing a new law automatically registering anyone with a Drivers License to vote, Democrats have made it so easy to vote that even a monkey could do it.  What makes their scheme so diabolical and ultimately effective, is the use of Alinksy-like smear tactics against anyone who dares questions the integrity of the vote in a state that outlawed voter ID.

Why is this important to point out?

Because Fox and other media outlets are completely missing the point.  The voter rolls in California are not secure, nor is not an accidental loophole as DMV and elections officials would have you believe.  This is an intentional scheme to make it possible to game the “intentional loopholes” or backdoors created by these new laws and jurisdictional restrictions and rivalries between state, county and federal agencies.

The biggest problem with today’s reporting on this story is that the crucial follow-up questions are never asked.  Instead of challenging this statement, Fox simply accepts it and prints it:

In response for clarification of the new policy, Secretary of State spokesman Sam Mahood said in a statement: “As is already required by federal law, anyone who registers to vote at the DMV must attest under penalty of perjury that they meet eligibility requirements — including citizenship. Moreover, under state law, the DMV is prohibited from sending to the Secretary of State any information from persons who apply for an AB60 California driver license.”

If you dig deeper, you’ll find a few things that the California Democrats—who run the Secretary of State and the DMV—have failed to disclose in recent interviews, things that make it clear there’s a plan to make it easier to commit voter fraud:

  1. These AB60 Illegal Alien “federally-restricted” Drivers Licenses were never supposed to be used to vote or to board a plane, according to the Democrat authors of this bill.  Turns out, they lied.  (In 2015, I wrote about how TSA had decided to accept AB60 DL’s as acceptable identification to board a plane—in spite of the disclaimer on the front reading: “Federal limits apply.”
  2. When anyone returns a signed voter registration card and fails to affirm US citizenship , the California Secretary of State instructs county registrar of voters to simply “treat as normal” and put on the voter rolls. The California Secretary of State is encouraging duly elected election officials to violate their oath of office and enable voter fraud. (See left).





There is one simple way this could all be cleared up.  Simply require ID to vote at the polls, and cross-reference all existing databases against the voter rolls to get rid of dead people, non-citzens and illegal aliens who hold AB60 drivers licenses.

Since the DMV and California Secretary of State are so confident there are no problems with illegals voting, I would like to throw down a challenge to them:

  1. Run the DMV database against the current voter rolls and flag any AB60 Drivers License holders who are also registered to vote currently.  Then do a test monthly to ensure that no one who receives a federally-restricted license is ‘accidentally’ registered to vote under the new system which automatically registers all drivers license holders.
  2. Run a check of the Juror Rolls against the Voter Rolls and flag for any non-citizens who refuse jury duty on the basis of lack of citizenship.
  3. Make all results part of the public record.

If they’re not willing to do either of these checks, they shouldn’t be in charge of anything related to our elections in California, period.





Tim Donnelly

Former CA State Assemblyman

Candidate for Congress in California’s 8th District.